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1Silverbullet provides a scalable gateway that automates and digitizes the lending process, to provide your customers the value they require in the modern landscape. Our multitude of options provides better pricing and faster access to borrowers. All of this creates the best opportunity for more lending aggregators and embedded lending players to emerge and enter a collaborative ecosystem where they find a plethora of options they need to offer the highest value.

1SB lending gateway enables you to


Assess and Sanction

Monitor and Collect

Disburse and Repay

A Glimpse At Our Network

We have already tied up with large part of leading insurers as committed as us, towards building an accessible gateway to the digital financial infrastructure.

Cut through the Challenges of the
Lending Ecosystem with 1Silverbullet

Cut through the Challenges of the Lending Ecosystem with 1Silverbullet

More choices
More choices
1Silverbullet’s Open APIs present the opportunity to collaborate with multiple lending partners at once, with the flexibility of modifying their presence at the front-end at a rapid speed. This ensures you can always present the more options to your customers - while also creating the market opportunity for higher growth in the industry of lending aggregators.
Rapid development and integrations
Rapid development and integrations
For publishers, working with our gateway allows the opportunity to develop new products. For clients, we provide the ability to combine products of different publishers based on pricing, features and integrate with multiple publishers. There is subsequently the ability to add and substitute players.
Faster loan disbursals
Faster loan disbursals
Our simplified technology boosts the rate at which loans are disbursed. We standardize the entire process, while keeping pace with the fluid industry norms, to offer a plethora of options to our partners. This helps in ensuring your customers with subjective credit scores can pick the most suitable choice for them, all presented through your integrated platform.

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